Tree tags

Tree tags are a great way to publicly display the ecosystem services provided by the trees in our communities.  We don’t always realise the contribution that trees are making to the places we live and work, and these tags are a great way to publicly advocate for all that trees are doing.  It can also be a great way to highlight the value of local trees that may be under threat.

Download our free tree tag template, print on whatever material you wish, then simply add the values and fix to your tree.

We believe it is important that everyone appreciates what trees do for us.  They soak up rainwater, provide us with oxygen, they store carbon in their woody structures, they filter pollution from our air, and they help to keep the temperature in our cities liveable, to name just a few.

These services that trees provide carry an economic value, many of which can be calculated using i-Tree Eco.  i-Tree is a free, open-source software suite, which is used across the world to quantify ecosystem services and the benefit values of community trees and forests.  More information can be found on the i-Tree Tools website.

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Here are a few examples of tree tags from around the UK and Sweden…