Carbon Performance Certificates

Rating nursery trees according to their carbon capture potential

We provide nursery trees with a carbon efficiency rating so that specifiers can make more informed choices.

Our carbon performance certificates provide each tree in your nursery catalogue with an efficiency rating (A-E), according to its carbon performance.

The efficiency rating directly relates to the amount of carbon absorbed by the species in question, ‘A’ indicating the greatest absorption potential. The certificate also shows how long it will take before the tree will offset the carbon it took to grow, deliver and plant it.

Armed with a carbon rating, each tree is comparable to other trees and shrubs in your nursery catalogue, giving those charged with specifying tree species, clear data with which to make decisions.

This approach can assist local authorities to work towards carbon reduction targets. Carbon capture is not the only benefit that trees offer, but it is the one that can make a real difference to achieving net zero ambitions.

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We are delighted with the work that Treeconomics has done in classifying the range of trees we grow, this will make it easier for our customers to make informed planting decisions and maximise their ecological return on investment. This is very innovative work and we hope it will help to bridge the gap between science and end user tree selection."

Carbon Performance Certificates

The 2021 Barcham Carbon Performance Project applied a rating to all trees in the nursery catalogue, classifying them by their ability to absorb carbon.

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