Landscape Architects

At the design phase, there are many choices with regard to trees, including which tree species to plant, where to plant for maximum effect (aesthetic, social and environmental), and which trees to retain. Working with the team at Treeconomics, design decisions can be better informed. Looking at alternative designs, Treeconomics can forecast the potential environmental gains to be made by the judicious use of trees.

Using data analysis, we can advise not only on the most effective and appropriate positioning of new trees, but compare the impact of different species choices to maximise both aesthetic and environmental gains. Working alongside the landscape architect, we can also prepare comprehensive management plans for the supply, planting and management of trees in any design, to ensure that the vision is not only achieved on the ground, but is sustainable into the future.

Our Services

Treeconomics offers a variety of services to help you measure and manage your urban treescapes.  We are the UK’s go-to organisation for the valuation of the urban forest, but we go much further than this.  We help you to strategically manage your treescapes, making them sustainable into the future. Take a look at what we offer and, if you would like to speak to us, get in touch.


Whether you are in the office or out in the field, TreeKeeper is a user-friendly and versatile tool that allows you to access your tree data from any location with an internet connection.

It enables you to easily coordinate your team and plan work, engage with external contractors, manage calls and issue work orders.

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Treeconomics is the go-to organisation for the valuing of trees in towns and cities. We specialise in all aspects of urban forest management and offer a range of services, from canopy cover assessments through to comprehensive management plans.