How we work with you

Following an initial project, we like to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, to help them maximise the value of their treescapes over many years. We have developed a range of tools to do this, many of which build upon i-Tree, the internationally-recognised ‘gold standard’ in tree benefits assessment.

No two projects are the same and we like to spend time early on with our clients to design solutions that meet their particular needs. We thrive on challenges that are a little bit different and have at our disposal the expertise of our CEO Kenton Rogers, who leads on urban forestry, co-founder Keith Sacre, who is an expert in tree planting and arboriculture, and the skills of our diverse team which brings together a vast array of specialisms.

We help local and regional governments understand the value of their urban forests, in both financial and environmental terms, including their size, composition, condition, and locations.

We work with developers to understand the ‘before and after’ positions of their developments in relation to tree carbon measurement, including cost benefit ratios and environmental break-even points.

We work alongside landscape architects to ensure that the supply, planting and management of trees are incorporated in their designs, helping to ensure that visions are both achievable and

We help institutions and other land owners, such as universities, housing associations and botanic gardens, to understand the benefits derived from their trees and woodlands, as well as the structure and composition of their tree populations.

We collaborate with government departments such as Forest Research, the Environment Agency, the Forestry Commission and National Highways, to analyse tree cover on land within their jurisdiction and to develop bespoke tools for specific projects.

We work with infrastructure and utilities companies in a variety of ways, including tree asset valuations, tree planting opportunity mapping, and the development of bespoke tools tailored to their particular needs.

We engage with NGOs, charities, and community groups on a range of interesting challenges such as tree-planting strategies, the development of new metrics, and large-scale fund allocation programmes.