Urban Forest Audit

Auditing your urban forest is a really good way to evaluate its effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, enhance environmental sustainability, foster community engagement, and drive continuous improvement.

Treeconomics can carry out a fully independent audit of your urban forest. This will help ensure that your treescapes are well-managed, aligned with objectives, and delivering the most benefits to residents.

We have worked with the UNECE on their Screening for Resilient Green Cities Programme and have carried out audits for Torbay, Belfast and Dundee, amongst others.

Here are six good reasons for completing an Urban Forest Audit:

Assessing Programme Effectiveness:

An audit helps evaluate the effectiveness of your urban
forest programme in achieving its goals and objectives. It allows stakeholders to determine whether the programme is delivering the desired outcomes, such as increased tree canopy, improved environmental quality, enhanced biodiversity, and community engagement.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses:

During an audit, strengths and weaknesses of your urban forest programme are identified. This provides insights into what is working well and where improvements are needed. Understanding this helps in developing strategies to maximise the urban forest programme and to allocate resources to those areas which need it.

Enhancing Environmental Sustainability:

Urban forests play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, improving air quality, reducing stormwater runoff, and providing habitat for wildlife. Auditing your urban forest programme can identify opportunities to enhance the environmental sustainability of your town or city and address any challenges to achieving these objectives.

Ensuring Accountability and Transparency:

An audit promotes accountability and transparency in the management of public resources. By examining your urban forest programme’s practices, processes and outcomes, stakeholders can ensure that resources are utilised effectively and that the programme is aligned with (and contributes towards) established policies and regulations.

Assessing Programme Effectiveness:

Auditing your urban forest programme provides an opportunity to engage with the community and involve them in the evaluation process. This engagement can lead to increased awareness, participation and ownership among residents, fostering a sense of community pride and stewardship towards the local urban forest.

Driving Continuous Improvement:

An audit serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement. By identifying areas for enhancement and recommending practical strategies, your urban forest programme can evolve to address emerging challenges and changing community needs. Regular audits can track progress, measure the impact of implemented recommendations, and drive positive change.

Treeconomics were an ideal partner in planning, coordinating and compiling the report for the Botanic Garden Urban Forest Audit. A fantastic team to work with and very professional throughout the whole process; I would highly recommend them.

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