Urban Forest Master Plan

An Urban Forest Master Plan is a strategic document which outlines the vision for the green infrastructure and natural capital of your town or city. It takes a long-term measured approach, providing an action-based strategy which focuses on how the city will develop and manage its urban forest in the years to come. It defines the aspirations not only of the council and its urban forest managers, but also of key stakeholders.

The Urban Forest Master Plan acts as a ‘roadmap’ and is based around key performance indicators. Each one leads to specific actions and targets, with milestones so you can measure progress over time. It brings existing policies, plans, guidelines and frameworks under one umbrella, offering a comprehensive guide to urban forest practices. It can help you to work towards building an urban forest that is greener, healthier, and more resilient to climate change.

We can work with you to devise an Urban Forest Master Plan for your town or city, in consultation with stakeholders from the business community right through to private householders. We can also provide ongoing consultation and assistance to help you ensure your Plan is successfully implemented. As it evolves, we can help you to modify and develop it, giving it the best chance of success.

An Urban Forest Master Plan can help you to:

Birmingham’s treescape is a legacy of both city planning and the philanthropic work of notable residents who bequeathed land for public parks and open spaces. This history of joint working for the benefit of all is something we are continuing today with the Urban Forest Master Plan, it being a truly co-created document for the long-term protection and advancement of the urban forest.

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