Torbay’s Urban Forest: Assessing Urban Forest Effects and Values 2011

Report Summary

“Torbay i-Tree Report” is an insightful analysis conducted by Treeconomics, focusing on the economic value and benefits of trees in Torbay, a region in the United Kingdom.

The report utilizes the i-Tree software, a powerful tool for assessing urban forests, to evaluate the environmental and economic contributions of trees in Torbay. It presents comprehensive data and findings based on extensive research and field surveys conducted in the area.

Through this study, the report highlights the significant positive impacts of trees on the local economy and the environment. It quantifies the economic value of various tree-related benefits, such as carbon sequestration, air pollution reduction, stormwater management, energy savings, and enhanced property values.

The Torbay i-Tree Report offers valuable insights to policymakers, urban planners, and environmental organizations, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making and the promotion of sustainable tree management practices. It serves as a valuable resource for those interested in understanding the economic and environmental importance of trees in the Torbay region.

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